Custom Radio Station Creation (Internet)

We build internet radio stations from scratch in less than 30 days. Delivering everything you need to broadcast, with several different levels of packages to support hobbists up to broadcast professionals.

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Radio Consulting (Terrestrial & Internet)

With vast experience in a variety of formats, we offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly packages to help your station (or stations) achieve success in ratings and revenue.

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Voice Work & Commercial Production

An award winning voice and the experience to deliver professional results, fast. Dry voice work is delivered in 24 hours, usually a lot less.

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Rockfile Media is a full service media content creator and consultant in all things rock. Committed to excellence with over 30 years of experience, providing station creation, programming and consulting for Terrestrial and Internet radio, voice work, commercial production, imaging and more. Plus, we have a small team of seasoned professional website and app designers/creators we work with to bring your vision to life.