Growing up listening to Atlanta radio, Scott Hamilton began his radio career at the legendary college station, WVVS-Valdosta. Soon courted by the local CHR station, he went on to program various stations and formats in Augusta, Montgomery, Chattanooga, Charleston, the Florida Keys and Grand Cayman Island.

After more than 27 years in AM/FM, Scott Hamilton left terrestrial radio to start Rockfile Media, LLC and experiment with Internet Radio. His feeling was that "corporate radio" was beginning to worry more about the business side of radio than the real reason why we all listen...the music. It is easy in that environment to lose sight of the truly creative and interesting, in favor of the tried and tested. We understand the need for radio to be more than just a jukebox but, branding and everything else should be centered around the music, not just the demographic.

To prove our point, our first project was a group of stations dubbed Rockfile Radio. Targeting a descriminating rock audience in two formats, prog rock (ICE) and mainstream hard rock (FIRE), the stations have been on the air for three years and now reach an audience in 168 countries. Minimally produced and promoted, these two stations have grown organically though input from their worldwide audience.

And this is only the beginning...

We have put together a small team of create professionals to help grow your station, business or brand through the use of individually tailored internet radio stations and a uniquely custom crafted online presence.