Rockfile Media's first Internet Radio project is a group of stations dubbed Rockfile Radio. Targeting a descriminating rock audience in a variety of formats, we have learned quite a bit about Internet Radio in the past three years. The first two stations, prog rock (ICE) and mainstream hard rock (FIRE), have thousands of listeners in 168 countries. All without significant financial investment. Proving: If you build it, they will come. And listen.

Now we can do it for you!
The only difference between traditional/terrestrial Radio and Internet Radio is the transmitter. It used to cost more than a million dollars to start your own radio station, now that number is significantly lower thanks to this new technology. Internet Radio has revolutionized broadcast and the listener is the winner, there is more audio variety available today than ever before. Internet Radio has grown from a hobby in the late 90's to a multimillion dollar industry today, with listening numbers that rival, and even outperform, terrestrial radio. This is only the beginning. Connected cars are becoming more common and Internet Radio, in general, has more listeners than ever. The inevitible wave of popularity is on the way. Will you be ready?

station creation We create custom stations from scratch, based on your needs. And deliver them in 30 days. Are you tired of tapes and generic, canned broadcasts? Want a custom format for your business that is vibrant and contantly evolving? How about your very own station for your community or just your friends?
It costs a lot less than you think. And you can be broadcasting in a month.

Rock is our specialty but we can also provide other music formats. And not just music, either. We can set up talk or any kind of special programming. With or without commercial stop sets, breaks, etc.

If you can dream it up, we can build it!