For over 30 years, Scott Hamilton has enjoyed a varied radio career. Starting in college radio in the mid-80's and quickly moving to the local pop station, Scott learned very early to soak up as much knowledge about everything in radio as possible. Holding every station position, including GM/Market Manager, Scott never lost touch with the music and presentation side of radio. Let him put his passion to work for you.

consulting Any consultant can follow charts and put together a halfway listenable radio station. But, for those who desire something more organic yet highly professional sounding, inquire here. We specialize in all styles of rock music but have quite bit of experience is all formats, prefering to create stations and brands from scratch, rather than using any kind of templates or guides. Never-ending passion coupled with vast experience is what drives our creations.

Already have a station (AM/FM/Internet) and need music maintenance or maybe just a tweak? Or do you have a grand idea and need to build from the ground up? We can handle it all.